The “Best of the Best” Approach

Three aspects of the search process distinguish the “Best of the Best” approach to the executive search:  (1) Organization Assessment, (2) Candidate Selection, and (3) Assimilation of the New Executive.  Best of the Best has established a thorough assessment process to assist clients in developing detailed position descriptions.  We also help to create a profile of the candidate who will best fit the culture and we assist in obtaining the consensus of senior management for the recruitment strategy.  Stringent candidate evaluation prior to hiring and a well-managed adjustment period for the candidate after hiring complete the package and make for a smooth transition.

Step One:  Organization Assessment

  • Assist clients in developing performance agreement(s), detailed position descriptions and core competencies.
  • Assess compensation plan
  • Define timeline and expectations
  • Obtain signed search agreement

Step Two:  Candidate Selection

  • Extensive market research, targeting competitors and related industries
  • Use of our vast exclusive database and industry contacts
  • Direct recruitment of top industry performers
  • Evaluation of all qualified applicants
  • Presentation of candidates to you!

Step Three:  Assimilation of the New Executive

  • Schedule and coordinate interviews
  • Obtain and communicate feedback between client and candidates
  • Reference check
  • Present offer
  • Finalize placement -maintain communication with client and candidate until start date
  • Follow up with candidate and client after six weeks and again in twelve months to review performance