Resumes & Cover Letters

The resume is a marketing tool, but it is also a factual compilation of your experience. There are many books about resumes that “get jobs.” However, resumes do not get jobs; Interviews get jobs. Resumes get interviews. But not all resumes do. Then how can you assure that your’s does? Let us give you the benefit of our experience.

Resume Length:
The one-page formula is no longer required. The norm is 2-3 1/2 pages, with four pages being the absolute maximum. If you have an extensive list of publications, please attach it as addendum.

Arial 11, Garamond 12 or a similar font is preferable. Use Arial 14 bold or Garamond 16 bold for employer names, Ariel 11 bold or Garamond 12 bold for Job titles. For paragraph headings, such as EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE use bold caps.

Highlighting and Underlining:
When everything is highlighted, nothing is highlighted!
Our recommendation is No underlining at all.
Use bold letters for emphasis, but emphasize sparingly.

E-Mail Submissions only:
Faxing and mailing are old technologies. Submit your resume by email as word attachment only. This way, the resume will go directly to the employer’s internal resume bank. Do not use pictures (such as Adobe). Do not include a photograph of yourself.

Contact Information:
Make it as easy as possible to be reached by including updated phone numbers and email addresses. Assure your answering machine is working. At all times, reply to messages within 12 hours. When on an active job-search assure the phone is answered in a professional manner by someone capable of taking a full message.

The Cover-Letter:

Keep it brief! Let the resume speak for you!
Lengthy cover letters never get read. Nobody has the time. Recruiters will proceed immediately to the resume. Thus your heavy artillery should be in the resume. Refrain from repeating in the cover letter what’s in the resume. The cover letter should be brief and to the point, referring to the job for which you are applying.
(e.g. Dear (xxx) I am referring to the position of (xxx) as advertised in (xxx). I believe that my experience qualifies me for the position and I am enclosing my resume. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours very truly). Enough said!!

Thou Shalt Not Fudge!
Today’s employers conduct thorough reference and background checks as well as drug screens. HR groups are charged with the task of ferreting out any discrepancies and they take this job very seriously. Thus we cannot be more emphatic in making the following recommendation:

1. Do not misstate your work history
2. Do not mistate your education